Brazil Names Honorary Consul for Alabama

by Trevor Williams | August 12, 2014 A few weeks before Japan named an honorary consul for Alabama, Brazil did the same, extending the South American nation’s diplomatic reach into a state already covered by its consulate in Atlanta.  More

Georgia-Made Agricultural Plane Approved in Canada

by Trevor Williams | February 25, 2014 In the culmination of a 13-month process, Albany, Ga.-based Thrush Aircraft has received safety certification from Transport Canada for its newest plane model.  More

Haiti Aid Groups: Partnerships Key to Recovery

by Trevor Williams | March 8, 2013 How many aid groups are too many?  More

Mexico and the Southeast U.S.: Partners or Foes?

by Trevor Williams | October 22, 2013 When Audi chose Mexico for its first factory in the Americas this year, it left Southeast U.S. states wanting. More