Atlanta's Brazilians Had Clear Favorite in Presidential Elections

by Trevor Williams | October 23, 2014 If Brazilians in Atlanta had sole power to pick their country’s new president, the upcoming Oct. 26 runoff wouldn’t even be close.  More

Brereton Makes Way for Replacement Confident of Strong Georgia-Canada Ties

by Phil Bolton | October 13, 2014 After serving as Canada’s consul general in the Southeast for five years, Stephen Brereton returned to Ottawa last month without any definite plans for the future. Although he now qualifies for a retirement pension, he is keeping his options open. More

Nonprofit Brings Haiti Sewing Stories Back Home

by Candace Jackson | October 10, 2014 The leaders of Ties That Matter, a non-profit that helps Haitian women grow their incomes by creating fashionable and decorative products from recycled neckties, are using their experiences in the poverty-stricken country to inspire Atlanta’s youth.  More

Gulfstream Prepares for Growth in Latin America, Africa

by Trevor Williams | August 26, 2014 Gulfstream Aerospace Inc. is expanding its sales operations in Latin America and Africa, fast-growing regions where the Savannah-based business jet manufacturer already has significant footholds.  More
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12/04 Title