Atlanta Firms See Opportunity Through Brazil's Complexity

by Trevor Williams | December 10, 2014 Many look at Brazil and see an opaque wall of red tape; Scott Lewin saw opportunity. More

Brereton Makes Way for Replacement Confident of Strong Georgia-Canada Ties

by Phil Bolton | October 13, 2014 After serving as Canada’s consul general in the Southeast for five years, Stephen Brereton returned to Ottawa last month without any definite plans for the future. Although he now qualifies for a retirement pension, he is keeping his options open. More

'Intellectual Tourists' and Investors Invited for a Taste of Haiti

by Trevor Williams | December 2, 2014 Conventional wisdom says smart travelers should stay away from Haiti, a nation racked by corruption, instability and poverty, but the consul general in Atlanta says his country is seeking "intellectual tourists” who can see its broader narrative beneath the rubble of the past few years.  More

Gulfstream Prepares for Growth in Latin America, Africa

by Trevor Williams | August 26, 2014 Gulfstream Aerospace Inc. is expanding its sales operations in Latin America and Africa, fast-growing regions where the Savannah-based business jet manufacturer already has significant footholds.  More