Brazil Names Honorary Consul for Alabama

by Trevor Williams | August 12, 2014 A few weeks before Japan named an honorary consul for Alabama, Brazil did the same, extending the South American nation’s diplomatic reach into a state already covered by its consulate in Atlanta.  More

Georgia-Made Agricultural Plane Approved in Canada

by Trevor Williams | February 25, 2014 In the culmination of a 13-month process, Albany, Ga.-based Thrush Aircraft has received safety certification from Transport Canada for its newest plane model.  More

School Built From Containers at the Forefront of Healing Haitian Children

by Phil Bolton | September 2, 2014 The David Livingstone of “Dr. Livingstone, I presume,” fame — H.M. Stanley’s reported salutation on the banks of Lake Tanganyika on Nov. 10, 1871 -- held a mythic status during the Victorian era as being simultaneously a missionary and an advocate of Britain's commercial empire, an extraordinarily adventurous explorer and an anti-slavery crusader. More

Gulfstream Prepares for Growth in Latin America, Africa

by Trevor Williams | August 26, 2014 Gulfstream Aerospace Inc. is expanding its sales operations in Latin America and Africa, fast-growing regions where the Savannah-based business jet manufacturer already has significant footholds.  More