United Parcel Service Inc. CEO Scott Davis issued a statement June 18 giving wholehearted support to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, saying that such an agreement would be “a game changer to the recovery of the global economy.”

UPS supports free trade initiatives generally including the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement.

“I have talked to political leaders in Brussels and Washington DC and based on recent conversations, I believe there is momentum and good will to move this agreement forward,” he said in the statement. The partnership would benefit small- and medium-sized firms as well as larger ones such as UPS, according to Mr. Davis.

A comprehensive agreement could boost UPS’ trading volume by 131 million packages and support 24,000 jobs over 10 years, he added.

U.S.-EU services trade accounted for $300 billion, one-third of total U.S. services trade and nearly 10 percent of all world services trade, according to Mr. Davis.

During the May 9 Europe Day luncheon of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, UPS’ chief operating officer, David Abney, said that he supported “zero standards,” criticizing the resistance on the part of European officials who resist taking down agricultural and cultural barriers.

Mr. Abney has since been named to succeed Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President and CEO Dennis Lockhardt as chairman of the council.

The next World Affairs Council luncheon is to feature Joao Vale De Almedia, ambassador of the EU to the U.S., and Michael Collins, Ireland’s ambassador to the U.S.

Titled “How Will Europe Restore Growth,” the luncheon event is to be held at the Commerce Club downtown on June 27.

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