<p>innoFly, one of innoBots's unmanned mobile and lightweight drones that can provide surveillance for the military or law enforcement agencies.</p>

innoFly, one of innoBots's unmanned mobile and lightweight drones that can provide surveillance for the military or law enforcement agencies.


The Israeli firm innoBots, a designer and manufacturer of unmanned robots with military and police applications including small drones, has announced that it is to locate its U.S. headquarters near Gainesville.

Carmi Peleg, the CEO of the company who has 25 years of experience in the development of high-tech products including in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, told Global Atlanta that a final location in the Gainesville area would be determined within "a week or two unless there is a big change of some sort."

He also said that his products are designed “to save lives" and that the company would hire at least 50 employees in the course of the next two years and should be open by March.

Innobolt's products include the innoCarrier that can travel through rough terrains to identify improvised explosive devices, which reportedly have claimed the lives of more than 14,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The innoCarriers are made of carbon fiber material, weigh 70 pounds and can carry up to 300 pounds of equipment. They are outfitted with a special camera to help spot IEDs.

InnoBots also manufactures small, unmanned compact drones that can fit inside a pocket or back pack, and are designed for surveillance and reconnaissance.

Mr. Peleg said that the company’s mobile robots were ideal for law enforcement, first responder and border patrol applications.

The company’s headquarters is located outside of Tel Aviv, Israel, and has representative offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China.

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