A painting of Sir Winston Churchill in his art studio in Chartwell, England.  


Visa Breakthrough Could Boost Travel to Brazil Through Atlanta

by Trevor Williams | May 22, 2015 Atlanta has become an active gateway for travel to Brazil, but procedural concerns could stifle the country’s efforts to draw more travelers from the U.S. as it prepares to host one of the world’s largest sporting events. More

International Sounds to Grace the Atlanta Jazz Festival

by Chris Freiberg | May 21, 2015 For Magda Giannikou, performing at the Atlanta Jazz Festival offers a chance to weave a piece of her musical fabric into the patchwork of international artists and jazz supergroups that form this year’s impressive line up. More

A Tribute to One Woman's Efforts to Redress Crimes of Argentina's 'Dirty War'

by Ralitsa Vassileva In celebration of its first anniversary, Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human Rights honored Estela Carlotto, the mother of one of the tens of thousands of “los desaparecidos" who were killed or disappeared during Argentina’s “Dirty War” from 1976-83. More

Japan to Honor Founder of Macon's Cherry Blossom Festival

by Phil Bolton | May 15, 2015 An unanticipated snow storm didn’t stop the first official Macon International Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring of 1983, and the annual event has grown from a three-day festival to a month-long celebration that attracts annually hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Middle Georgia city. More

For Abandoned Dogs From Turkey, Atlanta Is as Good as Golden

by Joe Sterling Thousands of stray dogs roam the streets of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, and some of them are a much-beloved and popular breed – golden retrievers. More