The well-lit areas in the foreground show one of the favelas, or slums, nestled into the Rio de Janeiro hillsides. In the background stands the Sugar Loaf mountain depicted in the Diego ad. 

In 2010 Brazil experienced a 7.5 percent growth rate of its gross domestic product. Perhaps not quite as high as China’s that year, but nevertheless a very encouraging sign that the resource-rich nation of more than 198 million Brazilians would experience an economic upsurge for the benefit of all. More

Bierfest to Bring German Community Together Again

by Trevor Williams | August 22, 2014 It’s no secret that German investment is crucial to Georgia’s economy, but the country’s cultural impact is often missed. More

'RestringHaiti' Provides Repaired Instruments to Haitian Music Students

by Phil Bolton | August 20, 2014 On Jan. 12, 2010, Lizzy Sandlin was a 12-year-old eighth grader at the Atlanta International School busily studying the courses required on the international baccalaureate diploma track and practicing the viola, her instrument of choice. More

Fado to Open New Pub in Midtown

by Trevor Williams | August 19, 2014 Fado Irish Pub early next year is slated to open a second Atlanta location in Midtown at the Shops of Metropolis at the corner of 8th and Peachtree streets. More

Churchill Paintings Exhibition Tours Georgia

by Chris Freiberg | August 14, 2014 The late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is mainly known for his pivotal role in the defining conflict of the 20th century.  More

Atlanta Sister Cities Highlighted in Airport's International Terminal

by Trevor Williams | August 14, 2014 Travelers arriving in Atlanta on nonstop flights from Lagos, Nigeria, and Rio de Janeiro can now see evidence of their hometowns as soon as they enter the international terminal.  More