Georgia State University's Nepal Students Association organized a candlelight vigil on April 30 for the victims of the April 25 earthquake. 


Chinese Artist Xu Bing Explores Thorny Issues in SCAD Exhibition

by Trevor Williams | April 24, 2015 Atlanta is represented by the phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes as the city did after its Civil-War scorching. Chinese contemporary artist Xu Bing knows a thing or two about the symbol, which takes on a slightly different significance in his culture.  More

India's Foreign Secretary: Stronger Ties With U.S. Don't Threaten China

by Trevor Williams | February 6, 2015 India’s new foreign secretary doesn’t see his country’s warmer ties with the U.S. as coming at the expense of its relationship with China — at least that was his stance during a recent trip to Atlanta.  More

Former Ambassador: Japan Needs More Trade, Tourism to Return to Growth

by Mary Welch | March 10, 2015 Japan’s long-sought economic revival at home has hit growth roadblocks that will only be overcome through global engagement, particularly through increased trade and tourism, a former ambassador to Russia, France and Saudi Arabia said during a visit to Atlanta.  More

Visiting Korean Students Expose GSU to 'Gangnam' Flash Mobs

by Phil Bolton | February 9, 2015 When Georgia State University President Mark Becker and Geo Suk Suh, then-president of Chonbuk National University based in Jeonju, Korea, signed on Oct. 17, 2013, a memorandum of cooperation to promote education and research there was no mention of flash mobs. More

Former Ambassador's Book Tracks U.S. Ties With Mongolia

by Trevor Williams | July 25, 2013 Though he's no longer in the thick of the relationship, former U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Addleton has literally written the book on diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Mongolia since 1987.  More