The Atlanta International Soccer Fest is building on the momentum of its June 7 tournament.

Southerners know how to watch football - at least the kind we're accustomed to. If we’re lucky enough to be physically near the stadium, we engage in that uniquely American vision for communal viewing: tailgating, where we’re somehow close to everyone but maintain our own bubble of family and friends. More

Painting Over Conflict: Student Mural Honors Immigration

by Trevor Williams | April 24, 2014 Some 50 high schoolers, mostly non-Hispanic, have played a part in a painting what they hope will foster a better discussion of immigration’s impact on Georgia. More
United States

Weekly Roundup: Leaping Into Africa, Billion-Dollar Conversations, Cashing in on Scientists

by Trevor Williams | April 22, 2014 In this week's edition of Peachtree Passport, we look at how scientists spur investment, language programs coming this summer, a billion-dollar conversation and a chance to work at Global Atlanta, among other stories.  More
United States

Peachtree Passport: Tech, Logistics, Japan Relations, Coke Bottles and More

by Trevor Williams | March 28, 2014 In this week's edition of Peachtree Passport, we look at massive industry meetings on logistics and technology, whether Georgia's Japan celebration will rankle other communities, Coke's year of the bottle and more.  More
United States

Weekly Reporters' Notebook: What We Heard on the Beat This Week

by Trevor Williams | March 17, 2014 Dear Readers, It’s not 1993 anymore. Twenty years ago, if there was an international meeting in Atlanta, we’d most likely have been there to cover it.  More
United States

Entrepreneur: Economic Incentives Don't Create Jobs

by Trevor Williams | January 24, 2013 Spending millions on tax incentives and grants to lure corporate giants is a shortsighted approach to economic development, according to an Atlanta entrepreneur who argued that sustainable jobs are only created from the bottom up.  More

In Case You Missed It: Four Country Reports From 2012

by Trevor Williams | January 3, 2013 When we're abroad, it sometimes seems that the Atlanta news wheel spins faster, leaving a mountain of stories to write when we return.  More
South Africa

Do Georgians Need African Geography Lessons?

by Trevor Williams | November 13, 2012 Ambassadors are known for being diplomatic. It is, after all, their job. More
Hong Kong

Cargo Carriers: China Slowdown a 'Blip'

by Trevor Williams | October 15, 2012 With all the talk of a slowdown in China and plodding recovery around the world, you'd think logistics providers would be sitting on their hands, biding their time until the economic picture clears up.  More
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