AsiaEconomic Development

Guest Commentary: India's Future Growth, a 'Game Changer'

by Cedric L. Suzman The renowned economic commentator, Martin Wolf, in his Jan. 7, 2015 column in the Financial Times, wrote that “India … ought to be the world’s fastest growing major economy over the next two or three decades.” A Goldman Sachs report also says the country is on the verge of a new growth cycle. More

A 'Go Eat Give' Cultural Tour of Cuba

by Barbara Rose Barbara Rose, president of the consulting firm for non-profits, New Generation Partnerships Inc., visited Cuba on a Nov. 8-16 Go Eat Give tour of the country. More
AsiaEconomic Development

India's Growing Partnership With the U.S. Under Its New Government

by India Consul General Ajit Kumar It is indeed an honor for me to again address the 5th Annual US India Business Summit and 20th Annual Georgia Tech Business Forum. This is the largest conference in Southeast USA to promote growing partnership between India and United States. More

Building the World Affairs Council of Atlanta: Local Focus, Global Scope

by Wayne Lord On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the founding of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, Global Atlanta invited me to offer some personal reflections about the founding of the Council and its role in Atlanta.  So, here they are. More

Guest Commentary: Students Must Think Less Like Americans

by Kurt P. Kuehn As college students head back to campus, I have what may seem a strange request for them: Try to think less like an American. More

Africa Atlanta 2014 Inspires Visit to the Birmingham Museum of Art

by Anna Democko For the past several weeks, I have been traveling around Georgia to look at museum exhibits associated with Africa Atlanta 2014, a citywide year-long series of events highlighting cultural and economic bonds among Africa, Europe and the Americas. More

Administration Encourages U.S. Firms to Practice 'Economic Patriotism'

by Anne Tucker There is a new face on an old problem — American companies “moving” overseas in part to avoid U.S. taxes — that has increased in popularity in the last several years and recently gained political attention. Last week President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew called for tax reform to encourage economic patriotism and to deter corporate defectors, calling the overseas moves legal, but immoral. More

A Georgia College Student's View of the Kongo Across the Waters Exhibit

by Anna Democko I first visited the Kongo Across the Waters exhibit currently at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum on a drizzly and humid day in June at about 11 am. The mist was starting to turn to rain, so I hurried through the permanent collection and into the temporary exhibition space entrance, hoping to head home before a downpour. More