Georgia Colleges and Universities Reach Out to Liberia

by Cynthia L. Blandford A guest commentary by Cynthia L. Blandford, the honorary consul of Liberia based in Atlanta and the president, CEO and board chair of the University Consortium for Liberia. More

Commentary: Taiwan Offers Peace Plan for East and South China Seas

by Huei-yuan (Steven) Tai Recent territorial disputes in the South China Sea have put mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia at odds. As an important stakeholder in the region, the U.S. hopes to maintain freedom of navigation and commerce in both the East and South China seas. Aggressive actions by mainland China threaten regional stability as well as global commercial and political interests. The Group of Seven recently issued a statement about tensions in the East and South China Seas and called for all parties to abide by international law.   More

Ireland and Public Diplomacy: "Still Here/Here Still"

by Earle and Barbara Scarlett lIn a world fraught with local, national and international fissures, animosities, and violent conflict, the Republic of Ireland stands far above the fray as a stellar example of how a country's verve for the written and spoken word can undergird the conduct of its foreign policy. Simply said, Dublin's adroit use of public diplomacy is a lesson for those who are wedded to an overweening dependency on military, political, and economic prowess as the sole instruments to promote and protect national interests. More

Guest Commentary: Global IP Protection Just Got Easier

by Lori-Ann Johnson For Atlanta companies seeking to protect their intellectual property on an international stage, protection of industrial designs is about to become much easier. Thanks to the long-anticipated move by the United States to join an international registration system, it will be easier for local corporations to globally protect their intellectual property.  More

Americas: Little Consensus Expected, but Expect More Than a Handshake Between U.S. and Cuba

by Charles Shapiro The media is atwitter that President Barack Obama will not just shake hands with Cuban President Raúl Castro but will actually talk with him at the Summit of the Americas (SOA) which starts Friday night in Panama.  More

Americas Summit: Real Hemispheric Problems Shrouded Behind Leaders’ Delicate Dance

by Trevor Williams | April 10, 2015 President Obama will join 34 other heads of state from the Western Hemisphere in Panama today, including — for the first time — Cuba.   More

Guest Commentary: U.S. Family Firms Should Go Global to Survive

by Torsten Pieper and Joe Astrachan Kennesaw State University business professors Torsten Pieper and Joe Astrachan of the Cox Family Enterprise Center warn family-owned enterprises that engaging in international trade "already seems critical to survival." More
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Georgia Tech and Liberia Share 'Go Fix It' Attitude

by Michael Best The Georgia Institute of Technology has granted Michael Best, who teaches in the university’s Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and College of Computing, a four-year leave of absence so he can assume the position of director of a newly formed United Nations institute in Macau, China.The United Nations Institute of Computing and Society focuses on the key challenges faced by developing societies in the field of computing and information technologies. The Institute seeks to enhance capacities in computing and the innovative application of information technology through policy-relevant research programs as well as doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships. Dr. Best's commentary follows: More