Photo by Jerri Mann 

Joe Folz, newly named chair of the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance, speaks at the launch event as Doug Hooker of the Atlanta Regional Commission looks on. The ARC has been the catalyst behind the alliance. 

A Porsche executive has been selected to lead the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance, officials announced at the launch of the economic development organization Friday. Joe Folz, general counsel and secretary at Porsche Cars North America, will chair a 20-member board that serves as a wide cross-section of public and private-sector stakeholders from the airport area.  More
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Emory Law Grad Named Arbitration Center's First Fellow

by Phil Bolton | June 29, 2015 The Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation at Georgia State University has named Grace Ha as the first recipient of the AtLAS Fellowship who is to be engaged in helping with the arrangements for the center’s opening in September. More
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Georgia Investors Invited to Southern India Summit

D.V. Venkatagiri, head of the Global Trade Driver consultancy in southern India, is inviting Georgia-based companies to attend a major investment summit in his home city of Chennai.  More
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Italy's Recovery Is Georgia's Opportunity, Say Leaders

by Trevor Williams | June 19, 2015 After 2008, Italy found itself smack in the middle of the less-than-flattering acronym used to lump together Europe’s problem-child countries: PIIGS. With a sovereign-debt crisis and a government known for corruption and resistance to reform, the country found itself sliding down the list of preferred investment destinations.  More
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This Time From Brazil: 400 More Tech Jobs Announced for Midtown

by Trevor Williams | June 17, 2015 It was the same headline, different country this week for Midtown’s burgeoning technology cluster.  More
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Nigerian Foundation's Donations Strengthen Atlanta-Africa Connections

by Phil Bolton | June 16, 2015 The Nigerian-Biafran civil war that claimed more than a million human lives from 1967-70 prompted a small group of French doctors to form Doctors Without Borders, which has helped victims of wars and natural disasters around the world since then. More