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Joe Folz, newly named chair of the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance, speaks at the launch event as Doug Hooker of the Atlanta Regional Commission looks on. The ARC has been the catalyst behind the alliance. 

A Porsche executive has been selected to lead the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance, officials announced at the launch of the economic development organization Friday. Joe Folz, general counsel and secretary at Porsche Cars North America, will chair a 20-member board that serves as a wide cross-section of public and private-sector stakeholders from the airport area.  More
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Ambassador: Investments Show U.S. and India Closer Than You'd Think

by Trevor Williams | November 24, 2014 A trend toward significant Indian investments in the U.S. is an “underreported story” that shows how well connected the two economies have quietly become, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, India’s ambassador to the U.S., told Global Atlanta during a visit to Atlanta.  More
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Security: A Primary Concern of U.S. Companies Overseas Now and Into the Future

by Phil Bolton | November 21, 2014 It took 1,800 years following the birth of Christ for the earth's human population to reach 1 billion and then only 213 years to reach its current 7-plus billion. More
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Turkish Consul General: ‘Comprehensive Solution’ Needed for ISIS Fight

by Trevor Williams | November 20, 2014 Turkey’s supposed hesitancy to back the U.S.-led military offensive against ISIS in Iraq and Syria is simply a difference of opinion that has to be worked out among allies, the country’s consul general for the Southeast said in Atlanta yesterday.  More
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U.S.: West Africans Fleeing Ebola Can Stay 18 Months

by Trevor Williams | November 20, 2014 Citizens and former residents of the three West African countries hit hardest by the Ebola outbreak on Nov. 21 will be eligible to stay in the U.S. for up to a year and a half.  More
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'World Toilet Day' Reminds World Affairs President of First Job at Atlanta Waterworks

by Phil Bolton | November 18, 2014 World Affairs Council of Atlanta President Charles Shapiro was reminded of his first job working for the Atlanta Waterworks when he was asked whether the most rapidly growing countries in Latin America are doing anything to improve their sewerage treatment systems. More
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