Community workers assemble an old seafaring container to build a school in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.

The David Livingstone of “Dr. Livingstone, I presume,” fame — H.M. Stanley’s reported salutation on the banks of Lake Tanganiyka on Nov. 10, 1871, held a mythic status during the Victorian era as being simultaneously a missionary and an advocate of Britain's commercial empire, an extraordinarily adventurous explorer and an anti-slavery crusader. More

Atlanta Chosen as Site for International Valuation Forum in May

by Phil Bolton | March 25, 2015 Atlanta has been selected as the site for this year’s annual forum of the International Association of Valuators, Consultants and Analysts, which is to be held May 7-8 at the Westin Buckhead hotel. More

Auditing the Federal Reserve Is a Frightening Idea. Here's Why.

by Sheila Tschinkel Sheila Tschinkel served as senior vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and was a member of the bank’s Management Committee. She was the first woman in the Federal Reserve appointed to this position. In this capacity, she regularly attended meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the Federal Reserve Bank’s monetary policy setting group. Under Ms. Tschinkel, the Atlanta Bank became the first Fed research department to specialize in finance as well as macroeconomic and regional issues. She currently is a visiting faculty member of the Economics Department at Emory University. More
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Central Georgia Tech to Offer IT Degree to Afghanis

by Trevor Williams | March 10, 2015 Central Georgia Technical College in Macon is one of two two-year schools selected to help rebuild Afghanistan’s education system.  More

Georgia Tech Prof Appointed Chair of the EU Studies Association

by Phil Bolton | March 10, 2015 The European Union Studies Association, a Pittsburgh-based interdisciplinary association for scholars studying the European Union with more than 500 members from 38 countries, has appointed Alasdair Young of the Georgia Institute of Technology as its new chair from 2015-17.  More

Georgia State Partners with Chinese Firm to Combat Leukemia and Other Cancers

by Phil Bolton | February 19, 2015 A Chinese pharmaceutical firm is teaming up with researchers from Georgia State and Emory universities to develop compounds to treat leukemia and other forms of cancer. More