Community workers assemble an old seafaring container to build a school in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.

The David Livingstone of “Dr. Livingstone, I presume,” fame — H.M. Stanley’s reported salutation on the banks of Lake Tanganiyka on Nov. 10, 1871, held a mythic status during the Victorian era as being simultaneously a missionary and an advocate of Britain's commercial empire, an extraordinarily adventurous explorer and an anti-slavery crusader. More

The Berlin Wall: A Concrete Symbol of the Struggle Against Oppression

by Phil Bolton | November 24, 2014 The Berlin Wall must remain a reminder of the necessity for a constant struggle on behalf of human rights and against oppression, German Consul General Christoph Sander said in a ceremony at the Atlanta International School in Buckhead on Nov. 20 in a formal dedication of an original section of the wall that the school has obtained. More

Liberia Launches Grassroots Education Program to Combat Ebola

by Phil Bolton | November 21, 2014 The Atlanta-based Carter Center, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its affiliated CDC Foundation are supporting a 10-week training program with 4,000 chiefs and community leaders in Liberia as part of a grassroots initiative to combat the spread of the Ebola virus. More

EU Studies the Focus of a Georgia Tech Grant for a 'Jean Monnet Centre'

by Phil Bolton | November 20, 2014 The Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded by the European Commission a $125,000, three-year grant to further its studies of the roles of Europe and the U.S. and their relations in a changing world. More

Nearly a Third of Georgia's Foreign Students Are Mainland Chinese

by Trevor Williams | November 19, 2014 While some countries’ tallies have ebbed and flowed, the number of mainland Chinese students attending universities in Georgia has been on a steady upward trajectory since 2000, with the country’s share of international students here climbing to nearly 29 percent this year.  More

Georgia Tech Honors Defense Attorney and Activist From Zimbabwe

by Phil Bolton | November 13, 2014 The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology awarded Beatrice Mtetwa, a human rights activist and lawyer from Zimbabwe, its “Prize for Social Courage” Thursday, Nov. 13, for her unrelenting support of the rule of law in the face of severe oppression in her home country. More