CNH Industrial is closing its Calhoun tractor plant, resulting in the loss of 120 jobs. 


Missionary Rescue in the Congo Recalled During Kiwanis Veterans Day Luncheon

by Phil Bolton | November 12, 2014 In tribute of Veterans Day Nov. 11, Kiwanian William “Mack” Secord recalled the joint U.S.-Belgium rescue mission of white hostages and a number of Congolese whose lives were threatened 50 year ago by the violence in war-torn Stanleyville, (today known as Kisangani), in what’s now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

Lafayette's Legacy Creates a Platform for Georgia Tech Innovations

by Phil Bolton | June 6, 2014 The Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus in Metz, France, began as a teaching facility, became a research center and is about to enter a third phase of “innovation,” Bernard Kippelen, president of the soon-to-be opened Institute Lafayette, told Global Atlanta. More

Delta Celebrates 35 Years of Germany Flights

by Chris Freiberg | June 27, 2014 Delta Air Lines Inc. on June 17 celebrated 35 years of trans-Atlantic service to Germany that started with its inaugural flight in 1979 from Atlanta to Frankfurt. More

How to Trace Your Northern Irish Heritage

by Mary Welch | October 19, 2014 Every year thousands of Americans fly to Ireland in search of their roots, or as the Irish say, “looking for your bones.” A large percentage — if not the majority — consider themselves Irish-American whose ancestors have come here since the Potato Famine in the 1840s from what is now the Republic of Ireland. More

Netherlands Ties Support 23,800 Jobs in Georgia: Embassy

by Trevor Williams | June 26, 2014 Georgia’s economic relationship with the Netherlands supported 23,800 jobs in the state in 2012, according to the latest figures compiled by the Dutch embassy in Washington.  More

Expert: Turkey's Erdogan Wins in Elections, Loses International Prestige

by Trevor Williams | April 3, 2014 While he faces international criticism for alleged corruption and for blocking Twitter and YouTube, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has received a vote of confidence at home this week.  More
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Security: A Primary Concern of U.S. Companies Overseas Now and Into the Future

by Phil Bolton | November 21, 2014 It took 1,800 years following the birth of Christ for the earth's human population to reach 1 billion and then only 213 years to reach its current 7-plus billion. More