Fragomen Worldwide Attorneys Call for Even More Immigration Reforms

by Phil Bolton | November 22, 2014 President Obama announced his plans for an executive action on Nov. 20 to address the immigration process in the United States. Daryl Buffenstein and Kevin Miner, partners in the Atlanta office of the immigration law firm Fragomen Worldwide, expressed appreciation for the president’s actions, but stated that the proposed changes “do not go far enough and are no substitute for comprehensive immigration reform.” More

Liberia Launches Grassroots Education Program to Combat Ebola

by Phil Bolton | November 21, 2014 The Atlanta-based Carter Center, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its affiliated CDC Foundation are supporting a 10-week training program with 4,000 chiefs and community leaders in Liberia as part of a grassroots initiative to combat the spread of the Ebola virus. More
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Security: A Primary Concern of U.S. Companies Overseas Now and Into the Future

by Phil Bolton | November 21, 2014 It took 1,800 years following the birth of Christ for the earth's human population to reach 1 billion and then only 13 years to reach its current 7-plus billion. More

EU Studies the Focus of a Georgia Tech Grant for a 'Jean Monnet Centre'

by Phil Bolton | November 20, 2014 The Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded by the European Commission a $125,000, three-year grant to further its studies of the roles of Europe and the U.S. and their relations in a changing world. More

Istanbul Flight on the Minds of Atlanta's Turks

by Trevor Williams | November 20, 2014 When Turkish Consul General Özgür Kıvanç Altan visited Atlanta, one thread ran through all his conversations: Strong desire for a nonstop flight to Istanbul.  More