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Airports Council Director: Ebola Hype Harming African Airports

by Trevor Williams | October 23, 2014 Even before the Ebola outbreak in West Africa had exported a few cases to U.S. soil, the panic had already started to dampen tourism and air travel across the African continent.  More

Malaysian Hip-Hop Artists Performing Thursday at the Rialto

by Phil Bolton | October 21, 2014 The first of of three groundbreaking Muslin artistic groups to appear at Georgia State University’s Rialto Center for the Arts is to perform in a free concert the evening of Thursday, Oct. 23. More

Export Stories: Atlanta Firms Get Creative to Crack New Markets

by Trevor Williams | October 21, 2014 Note: This is a summary of an event releasing Global Atlanta's Export Stories 2014 special report. Download the PDF here More

Ambassador: Ecuador Offers 'Third Way' Blending Private Sector, Social Progress

by Trevor Williams | October 21, 2014 Ecuador believes in free markets, but it also wants to make sure they work for the benefit of all citizens, the Andean country’s ambassador to the U.S. told Global Atlanta.  More

How to Trace Your Northern Irish Heritage

by Mary Welch Every year thousands of Americans fly to Ireland in search of their roots, or as the Irish say, “looking for your bones.” A large percentage — if not the majority — consider themselves Irish-American whose ancestors have come here since the Potato Famine in the 1840s from what is now the Republic of Ireland. More