Led by transportation equipment and food products, Atlanta's growth in exports to Africa far outpaces its growth in sales to any other region. 


NAFTA Points the Way for Larger Global Agreements

by Phil Bolton | October 16, 2014 NAFTA’s true significance is still unfolding as the U.S. negotiates new bloc agreements with the European Union and countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, said speakers at a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the agreement with Canada and Mexico. More

Brereton Makes Way for Replacement Confident of Strong Georgia-Canada Ties

by Phil Bolton | October 13, 2014 After serving as Canada’s consul general in the Southeast for five years, Stephen Brereton returned to Ottawa last month without any definite plans for the future. Although he now qualifies for a retirement pension, he is keeping his options open. More

After Failed Foray in China, AdEdge Focuses on Americas

by Mary Welch Editor's note: This story is to be included in Global Atlanta’s Export Stories special report, for which a free launch event is to be held Thursday, Oct. 9. To attend, click here More

Online Game Developer Hi-Rez Studios Enters China, Latin America

by Trevor Williams | September 25, 2014 Exporting software can be easy as posting a download link, but as Alpharetta-based Hi-Rez Studios can attest, digital products aren’t immune to the need for cultural adaptation.  More

UPS CFO: Trans-Atlantic Trade Deal Would Benefit Skeptical Small Firms

by Phil Bolton | September 10, 2014 Suspicion remains high among small- to medium-sized companies when it comes to a sweeping free trade and investment agreement such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. More