Mayor Kasim Reed helped launch the new Atlanta Metro Export Plan Wednesday. 

A newly launched plan to boost metro Atlanta’s export output will reach outside the city limits and prioritize engagement with minority-owned businesses, leaders said at the unveiling of the Atlanta Metro Export Plan Wednesday.    More

The Real Risk of Exporting? Not Doing It

by Trevor Williams | July 1, 2015 Fear of the unknown keeps many companies from exporting, but they should be more petrified of the opportunity costs of letting their sales stop at the U.S. border, executives said at the American Express Grow Global export forum in Atlanta.  More

As Clock Ticks on Ex-Im, Payment Risk Discussed in Atlanta

by Trevor Williams | June 30, 2015 As the hours wound down until the Export-Import Bank of the United States loses its charter for the first time in 80 years, Georgia companies were learning how to avoid being left holding the bag on an overseas sales gone bad. More

British Envoy Praises 'Creative Leadership' in Passing Trade-Promotion Authority

by Trevor Williams | June 25, 2015 It didn’t happen just as he’d expected, but British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott praised the deft congressional maneuvering this week likely to result in President Obama gaining authority to "fast-track” sweeping trade deals with Asia and the European Union.  More

Georgia's China Exports Decline

by Trevor Williams | June 17, 2015 Georgia’s exports to China slowed to $3.2 billion in 2014, an 18 percent year-to-year decline from $3.9 billion after nine straight years of steady growth.  More

Slowing Export Growth to China Heralds Market Maturity

by Trevor Williams | June 17, 2015 As growth in China slows, the U.S. is no longer seeing breakneck growth rates in exports to the country. They were basically flat at $120.8 billion in 2014 after tripling over the previous decade, according to a new report by the U.S.-China Business Council. More