O.A. Tennyson, Duct Doctor's new Nigerian franchisee, stands with his new truck emblazoned with a Nigerian flag during a recent training visit to the U.S. 

A Norcross-based provider of air duct cleaning services in commercial buildings and homes has found a franchisee to take its brand into Nigeria.  More

List of 10 British Firms Finalized for Atlanta Trade Mission

by Trevor Williams | January 30, 2015 Ten British firms have been selected to visit Atlanta on a small-business trade mission in March, offering products and solutions from moldable glue to customized haircare and floor tiles that convert energy to electricity.  More

10 British Firms to Learn Globalization From Atlanta

by Trevor Williams | January 14, 2015 With the United Kingdom shooting to boost exports to £1 trillion ($1.5 trillion) by 2020, helping small businesses navigate the intricacies of the global economy has become a top government priority.  More

Trends 2014: Telling Atlanta's Export Stories

by Trevor Williams | January 5, 2015 Exports have in the past been seen as icing on the cake of a successful economy: beneficial, but not essential to the recipe. That has started to change, and Atlanta in 2014 enlarged its role in a national movement to take a more proactive approach to export promotion More

Where We Traveled in 2014: Taiwan

by Trevor Williams | January 1, 2015 In a trip to Taiwan in June, Global Atlanta found a country squeezed by geopolitical vises and bubbling over politically.  More

Education Continues as a Top Export for Georgia

by Trevor Williams | November 20, 2014 Foreign student spending at Georgia universities jumped 9 percent to $545 million during the 2012-13 school year, illustrating the continued importance of higher education as an export product for the state.  More
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