Three Atlanta-based companies will be represented on a high profile trade mission Aug. 3-7 to Canada which will be lead by U.S. Secretary of Commerce William M. Daley.

      The companies to be included on the mission to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto are: Asian American Language Services (AALS), Bedminister Bioconversion Corp. and Industrial Computer Corp. (ICC).

      AALS was founded in 1995 by Garry X. Guan, which offers multilingual and multimedia communication services including translations, interpretation, product development and exporting, software and web site localization in all languages. Its web page may be found at

      Bedminister designs, develops and operates biological waste treatment facilities.  Through a proprietary aerobic process and air treatment system, the company provides natural solutions to municipal solid waste and sewage sludge disposal.  Its web page may be found at

      ICC is a supplier of manufacturing execution system (MES) software. The company’s web page may be found at

      Sixteen companies from throughout the U.S. have been selected to participate.  Representatives of the U.S. Small Business Administration and New Hampshire Gov. Eileen Cassidy are to accompany the mission.