A survey of Georgia medium-sized manufacturers by Grant Thornton, an accounting and management consulting firm, has found that 30% of the respondents have been asked by major customers to establish operations in other countries.

      Andre Schnabl, a partner in the firm’s Atlanta office, explained in a prepared statement that the customers wanted to shorten production time, reduce their costs and the logistical impediments to the flow of goods into and throughout foreign countries.

      Grant Thornton mailed surveys to 1,000 Georgia manufacturing companies in March, 1997, and received 54 replies for a 5% response rate.  The surveys were included in the company’s survey of U.S. manufacturers, an ongoing study that has collected opinions form leaders of more than 4,000 companies since 1990.

      The survey also found that 13% of the respondents planned to set up operations abroad, and that 13% also had received offers of economic assistance to do so.

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