AeroMexico Airlines is offering a cost saving travel program to Georgia companies currently conducting business in Mexico.

            The airline already has provided a discount program for members of the Mexican American Business Chamber, Doug Stamps, regional manager of the Atlanta office, told GlobalFax.

“The company also has introduced the Corporate Club Premier program that provides dual benefits to both the company and their employees,” said Mr. Stamps.

            He explained that the program offers frequent flyer points to enrolled companies that send their employees to Mexico, Europe and South America. Through the program, the employees are also able to accrue air miles towards their personal Club Premier account, he said. These points can be used to obtain tickets, upgrades, membership to VIP airport lounges around the world and access to exclusive check-in counters.

            AeroMexico, Mexico’s largest airline, has been operating non-stop service between Atlanta and Mexico City since 1994 and between Atlanta and Cancun, Mexico, since 1996.

           Other markets served by the airline via Mexico City include Madrid and Paris in Europe and Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil in South America.

            For more information, contact AeroMexico Corporate Club Premier at 1 (800) 711-2271.