The 2nd Annual Aviation Week Symposium will take place in Toulouse, France, March 10-11. The event will gather the world aeronautics and space leaders to talk about international cooperation, a leaner supply chain and the management of major programs.

Produced in partnership with Airbus Industry, Alcatel Space, and Astrium, the symposium will include discussions concerning the Airbus A380, Boeing 7E7, Airbus A400 and Europe Galileo Satellite Network.

The symposium will feature a keynote address by Noel Forgeard, president and CEO of Airbus, and various presentations and workshops by top executives. The topics to be covered include: optimal management in a globalized aerospace industry, quality insurance down the supply chain, low cost airlines supply chain management and cost pressures and challenges of cross-boarder mergers and acquisitions.

“The aviation, aerospace and space industries have become nearly borderless. New commercial aircraft, missile and satellite programs all have extensive global supply chains and demand cross-cultural teaming among hundreds of companies in order to succeed,” said aviation week executive vice president and publisher Kenneth Gazzola.

“This symposium will give executives a new forum for promoting ideas and action that will strengthen industry relationships across the Atlantic and around the world,” he added.

The aviation week is supported by the City of Toulouse, the Regional Council of Midi Pyrenees, the General Council of Haute Garonne and the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce. It is the professional education and events arm of the aviation week division of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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