With Taiwan’s economy faring well despite the Asian economic crisis, Steve Chen, the director of the commercial division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta, told GlobalFax last week that Georgia farmers should take a second look at the opportunities for exporting to his country.

      Earlier this year, the U.S. agreed to support Taiwan’s admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO).  In turn, the ROC agreed to liberalize its previously closed markets for chickens and other meat products.

      Mr. Chen said that his government has identified 150 favored importers of agricultural products and he encouraged Georgia farmers to contact him so that they could contact the Taiwanese importers to learn what demand may exist for meat products.

      The ROC’s government has identified the importers as part of its ongoing program to liberalize Taiwan’s previously closed markets, Mr. Chen said during an interview in his office at Two Midtown Plaza on Peachtree Street.

      When Taiwan first agreed to open its markets, Mr. Chen announced that Georgia farmers were presented with a tremendous opportunity since Georgia is the number one producing broiler state in the country.  The agreement covers special access for 10,000 tons of U.S. chicken products worth almost $10 million.

      Taiwanese farmers have been opposed to the terms of the agreement, but the government adopted it as part of a broader economic plan including accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

      Mr. Chen said that Taiwan has been affected by the crisis less than other countries in the region.  Nevertheless, he also said, the exchange rate for the new Taiwan dollar has suffered some falling from 20.5 new Taiwan dollars in October to 34 at the moment.

      Taiwan, he added, last year became the second largest Asian investor in the U.S. with $2.7 billion, second only to Japan.

      For more information, call Mr. Chen at (404) 892-5095; fax, (404) 892-6555 or send an e-mail to TWNTRADE@aol.com