Ukrainian families receive baby food donations. Credit: AGCO Agricultural Foundation

Atlanta-based AGCO Corp.’s is always focused on providing food for the future, but that task has taken on additional urgency in war-torn Ukraine

The Fortune 500 tractor company’s charitable arm has donated $50,000 to a Ukrainian nonprofit, MHP-Gromadi Charitable Foundation, to purchase Ko-Ko baby food for 14,500 families and 70 tons of canned chicken to be distributed to internally displaced persons in the country’s south and east. 

“Food relief assistance for children and displaced people in Ukraine remains a critical humanitarian effort towards recovery,” said Roger Batkin, Chair of the AGCO Agriculture Foundation. 

The MHP-Gromadi foundation was founded in 2015 and has gained recognition during the war for boosting morale through movie screenings and cultural performances while maintaining its focus on helping young people and the vulnerable. 

Major MHP projects least year included doling out 114,800 seed packets to help Ukrainians grow vegetables, equipping 75 kindergartens with shelters and distributing 40,000 cans of Ko-Ko baby food. 

Learn more about the AGCO Agricultural Foundation’s projects here

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