Duluth-based AGCO Corp. plans to invest some $18 million to establish a European distribution center in the Lorraine Region of France which will progressively become the source for providing parts of its Massey Ferguson and other brand-name equipment throughout central Europe.  The new facility is expected to employ 100 people by 1997.

Pete Brown, marketing director of the Massey Ferguson Group Ltd., said in a statement faxed to GlobalFax from his U.K. offices that AGCO “intends to introduce other brands into Europe,” citing Tye and Farmhand, but now will concentrate its efforts behind Massey Ferguson.

“The brand name Massey Ferguson arguably has the highest profile of all agricultural trade-markets in Europe having been the world leader in tractor sales for 32 consecutive years,” he added.  In contrast to its presence in Europe, AGCO has more than a dozen brands distributed throughout the U.S.

With the opening of the new center in Ennery, two existing facilities in Eschwege, Germany and Athis-Mons (Paris) eventually will close their parts warehouses.

For more information, Mr. Brown may be reached by telephone at (01203) 531000; fax, (01203)531282.

The Lorraine Development Corp., the economic development arm for the Region, has an office in Atlanta and may be reached by calling (404) 261-7765; fax, (404) 261-2768.