Sunny Park, president of Global Sun Investments Ltd., told GlobalFax that the visit of the Korean ambassador, Sung Chul Yang, at a luncheon at the Capital City Club, Jan. 26, “will make us think one more time about Korean business potential.”

Mr. Park also said that he would like to see more Georgians investing in Korea and that Koreans can bring their “outstanding technology” here and utilize the more established U.S. economy for joint benefit.

He noted that Atlanta’s strong Korean business community was one reason for Mr. Yang to visit here. As a prominent Korean businessman who also owns a local building maintenance company and was once an insurance salesman, Mr. Park jokingly reminisced about trying to sell insurance to Mr. Yang in the 1970s when the ambassador was a professor at the University of Kentucky.

          The ambassador mentioned that he met former president Jimmy Carter during his visit here, and that Habitat for Humanity will begin housing projects in Korea in August.

          He also recognized James Laney, former U.S. ambassador to Korea and former president of Emory University, as instrumental in the visit and in fostering Georgia-Korea relations.

Addressing the luncheon guests, Mr. Yang noted that the potential for U.S.-Korea business is great. Although the Korean economy has a risky, two- to three-year economic cycle, he said the current Korean president, Kim Dae-jung, is implementing economic reforms that will transform Korea into an “e-economy” that is Internet technology-savvy and integrated into the new global economy.

          For more information, contact the Korean Consulate at (404) 522-1611. See for the full text.