Concerning the newest wave of proposed anti-immigration legislation in the U.S. Congress, Atlanta immigration attorney Peter Hill said that he thinks “the U.S. has to do whatever it takes to attract and maintain the brightest and most competent high tech, managerial and executive personnel in order to compete more successfully as a nation in the world marketplace in the 21st century.”

“Any immigration bill that makes it harder for businessmen, executives, professionals, scientists, professors, athletes and investors would be an extremely short-sighted mistake by Congress,” he added. “Congress should expand, not eliminate the outstanding researcher and professor category.”

Mr. Hill, a partner in Beryl Farris & Peter Hill, also said Congress should consider giving meaningful tax breaks to immigrant foreign investors, most of whom choose not to immigrate because of tax disincentives.

And he added that he regrets “the present mindless law enforcement attitude of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service officials.”  “Thousands, if not millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are being wasted on meaningless ‘showtime’ raids,” he said.  “Many, if not most, of the apprehended workers who are shipped back to Mexico without a hearing will just come back in a few days, weeks, or months anyway.”

Mr. Hill joined attorneys  Chandler B. Sharma  and Daryl Buffenstein, the current president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), in encouraging GlobalFax readers to write their U.S. senators and representatives concerning the proposed bills.   

Mr. Hill may be reached at (404) 659-4488; fax, (404) 659-4490.