Hisham Araim, chief executive officer of Universal Investments and Manufacturing Co., has been appointed to the board of directors of Mountasia Entertainment International, an Alpharetta-based leader in the family entertainment center industry.

Mr. Araim is chairman of the Arab-American Business & Professional Association (ABPA) and a board member of the International Leadership Council (ILC), both in Atlanta.

He has been involved in international business for more than 30 years, and established the Baghdad Amusement Town Company, the first amusement park in the Middle East, and was the designer, consultant, and technical advisor for 17 additional amusement parks elsewhere in the Middle East.

He also helped establish an amusement ride manufacturing facility, SDC Manufacturing Company, in Europe.

Mountasia was started in 1986 by local entrepreneurs Scott and Juli Demerau in Mobile, Alabama.  Their small amusement parks, known as “family fun centers,” feature miniature golf, bumper boats, go-cart race tracks, batting cages and indoor roller skating arenas, have been successful around the country.

The company operates 44 centers in the U.S. and has five existing international licenses.  It has been traded publicly on Nasdaq’s national market system since November 1993.

For more information, call Betty Henderson, senior vice president, at (404) 442-6640.