Robert Forrestal, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; Weldon Johnson, president of Coca-Cola Latin America, Eugene Younts, vice president of the University of Georgia, and David Bruce, academic director of the Regents’ Global Center, will be decorated in Atlanta on Jan. 11 by Dr. Raul Granillo Ocampo, Argentina’s Ambassador to the U.S., in recognition of their roles in encouraging closer ties between the Southeast and Argentina.

According to Juan Carlos Vignaud, Argentine Consul General in Atlanta, the decoration to the Order of May for Merit “constitutes one of the highest honors granted by the Argentine government.”

The Order was created 50 years ago with the objective of paying homage by current generations to those who forged the basis of Argentinean independence in May 1810. Chairman of the Council of the Order is Argentina’s president, Carlos Saul Menem.