Selling goods and services online in Argentina will become easier now that the country’s top cellular provider, Atlanta-based BellSouth, has partnered with Movicom, an Argentine Internet and cellular provider.

The new co-brand, BellSouth/Movicom, will offer telecommunications services and Internet access.

“The increasing sophistication of the telecommunications networks in Latin America is making doing business online that much easier,” BellSouth spokesman Kevin Doyle told GlobalFax in a telephone interview. “And it is likely that we’ll see an online service explosion like there has been in the U.S.”

Mr. Doyle said that although personal computer penetration is not as high in Argentina as it is in the U.S., it is growing quickly.

BellSouth began offering telecommunications services in Argentina 10 years ago as its first Latin American venture. Now the company serves 4.1 million customers in nine countries in Central and South America. Last year it underwent 100 percent growth in the area.

BellSouth/Movicom is now launching a series of advertisements promoting awareness of the companies’ union. This follows a BellSouth ad campaign launched in Argentina last May.

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