Atlanta companies providing land-line and broadband services will have the best opportunity to participate in the development of Argentina’s telecommunications sector, Carlos Killian, vice president of the National Communications Commission (CNC) in Argentina told GlobalFax last week.

          Mr. Killian participated in the Supercomm 2001 communications and information technology conference held at the Georgia World Congress Center last week on a panel about the development of telecommunications services in emerging markets.

          He said that the cellular telephone industry was already extensively developed in Argentina and elsewhere in South America, leaving the main opportunities in hardware development.

The Argentine national telephone companies, Telefónica de Argentina S.A. y Telecom S.A. has some eight million telephone lines in service, with the rest of the country’s 30 million potential customers open to competitive telecommunications services under deregulation, Mr. Killian said.

          The region’s third generation cellular technology, although still in its infancy, holds some opportunities for providers of wireless technologies, Mr. Killian noted.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) organized the June 6-7 emerging markets conference, focusing specifically on Latin America.

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