The Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia Inc. will hold its annual “Open House” on Thursday, July 22, in the auditorium off the BellSouth Midtown II building’s auditorium, from 5-7 p.m.

The organization is the umbrella organization for 15 charter member groups and corporate members that serves as an advocate for Asian-American businesses.

The charter members are the Atlanta Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Business Association of Atlanta, Korean Chinese Association, Hong Kong Association of Atlanta, Chinese Restaurant Association of Atlanta, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Japanese American Citizens Association, The Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Korean-American Chamber of Commerce, Korean Grocers Association, Korea Southeast U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Mt. Jade Science and Technology Association, National Association of Chinese-Americans, National Federation of Indian-American Associations and Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce in Southeastern USA.

The cost to attend is $10 per person with a reservation or $15 per person at the door.

Call Gene Hanratty by Wednesday, July 14, at (404) 238-0875 to make a reservation.