An Asian-American group is forming a bank in Atlanta, Global Commerce Bank, which will provide corporate and consumer loans as well as international trade financing.

The founding members already have met their initial goal of raising $6 million and are seeking $2 million more in an effort to add investors, according to Alex Y. Wu, president of Global Engineering Co. and KC Realty, both in Atlanta.  He hopes that the bank will be open by June.

Mr. Wu is one of six original founding members.  The others are: Raymond C. Ho, chief of pediatrics at Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus and a family physician of former President Jimmy Carter; Min-Nan Sze, the owner of several real estate developments; Yu-Tueng Tsai, founder and president of Regitar U.S.A. Inc., an import/export wholesaler of auto parts and power tools; Roger S. Wang, president of GDI/WANG, Inc., a jewelry import and wholesale company; and Ching Feng Yin, president of Summitec Corp., an engineering consulting company.

Other founding members now include Soo-Wong Ahn, a physician who has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1973;  Manolo B. Apanay, a surgeon originally from the Philippines; John Yih-Kai Ju, who has had more than 15 years of banking experience at the Central Bank of China in Taiwan; Sunny K. Park, president of General Building Maintenance, Inc., and C&S Investment and Development Inc.;  Kun Yuan Tong, a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Sue-Ling Wang, president of Color Image, Inc., which manufactures toners for various laser printers; and Jerome C. Yeh, president of Green Dragon Enterprises, and YES Enterprises Group, Inc., both of which operate motels, lodges and apartment complexes.

The bank reportedly will be located off of Buford Highway near Asian Square.

For more information, call Alex Wu at Global Engineering Company (404) 475-3838; fax (404) 475-3232.