In a clever effort to promote the sale of European goods on his Web site through E-commerce, Atlanta-based Eric de Groot is issuing “euro gift certificates.”

The certificates are available at and like the euros themselves are available in denominations of five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500.

Once purchased, the certificates may be sent either to the buyer or to a designated recipient, who can use them to acquire a variety of goods at the site.

Mr. de Groot told GlobalFax that he was inspired to develop the certificates by the widespread presence of gift certificates in the U.S., which are used less widely in Europe.

He added that the certificates had promotional value for banks, importers and exporters, and travel agencies as well as businesses in general that wish to make their clients more familiar with the European currency.  Many of the products available through the site such as chocolates, umbrellas and watches are appropriate for gifts.

“It is our goal to market the certificates as a unique service, and at the same time use them to educate and inform people about the euro,” he said.

Mr. de Groot moved from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Atlanta in 1982 where he founded Exclusively European, a product and information center.

He has been active in the import-export business and has worked as an international consultant for both European and U.S. multinational firms.

He may be reached by sending an E-mail to or call (770) 951-1644.