The more difficult a market is to enter, the more Jacobus F. Boers is interested.

      As vice president of Stone Mountain-based Ashford International Inc., he worked for the past three years on international development projects around the world including several affecting Brazil’s school system which were noteworthy enough to draw the praise of President Clinton on his tour there last year.

      Mr. Boers recently left Ashford in an amicable parting and is looking for new challenges.  Once again showing strong marketing instincts, he has been making presentations around town about international business development and has a new web page to be found at

      The after hours section of his page, however, is still under construction.  Most likely, he is too busy seeking the serendipity, which has marked not only previous job searches as well as his move from South Africa to Atlanta in 1984, to have much free time.

      I’m a firm believer in serendipity, he told GlobalFax during an interview near Emory University from which he earned a theology degree.  If I had a choice between being lucky and being smart, there is no question I’d choose the former.

      Mr. Boers also earned an MBA degree from Georgia State University and created his own luck by locating Ashford in a search which included sending out resumes to 350 companies involved in international business recommended by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

      His career already has included marketing and manufacturing companies in addition to two careers at Ashford which were separated by a break of six years.

      He currently is available for consulting assignments as he decides on his next move.

      For more information, he may be reached by calling (404) 315-1721 or sending an e-mail to