With 300 to 400 new computer viruses hatched every month, Steven Bachman, president of the Atlanta-based consulting firm, Insight International, sees the prospects for United Kingdom-based Sophos Plc., a leading virus detection software developer, as extremely bright.

      Mr. Bachman, who also is president of the Southeastern Software Association, said during a telephone interview with GlobalFax last week that Sophos is the best in class developer of anti-virus solutions for businesses.

      For the past four years, he has been assisting Sophos develop strategies for the United States.  Two years ago, Sophos opened its North American division in Boston.

      Most recently, the company has been focusing on providing anti-virus software solutions for file servers supplied by valued added resellers (VAR) system integrators primarily to small- to medium-sized companies that use several hundred personal computers.

      An anthology of viruses is maintained on the company’s web page at http://www.sophos.com as is a record of the top 10 viruses detected during the past month.  Sophos’ may be reached by calling 1-(888)-Sophos9.

      For more information, Mr. Bachman may be reached by calling Insight International at (770) 951-2812; fax, (770) 951-2813.  His E-mail address is SBachman@InsightInternational.com