Atlanta travel safety and Internet security organization, WorldSafe has partnered with global hospitality, technology and travel partners to advise international business travelers to use extra precaution during holiday travel.

“Unfortunately, crime never takes a holiday,” Len Pagano, president of WorldSafe and The Safe America Foundation, told GlobalFax. “Criminals are on the look-out for foreign visitors who are traveling for the holidays, so international travelers need to be more conscious of their risks at this time of year.”

WorldSafe provides on-line travel information on how to protect internationally-shipped gifts, current State Department travel advisories, U.S. embassy phone numbers and how to minimize corporate travel hazards during the holiday season.

The Marietta-based Safe America Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops free safety products such as infant car seats and safety awareness manuals and software, sponsors the new WorldSafe business travel information service to advise Atlanta companies on international travel safety and Internet security issues.

WorldSafe’s partners include Bass Hotels & Resorts, which manages over 90 hotels locally and internationally, Delta Air Lines, with over 100 international destinations and, the largest broadband service provider in the world.

Excite@Home saw the need for on-line privacy protection for its 3 million users per month and paired with WorldSafe to protect its traveling customers, Excite’s California-based chief privacy officer, Chris Kelly told GlobalFax.

WorldSafe also provides corporate seminars on travel safety.

“We’ll be a direct pipeline so that a small company that may not have an international travel department can turn to us for help and advice. We can do local briefings and one-on-one consulting services,” Mr. Pagano said.

For more information about the WorldSafe program, contact Mr. Pagano at (770) 218-0071 or see