Atlanta-based Fry Consultants, a general management consulting firm, has entered into an agreement with the Career Development Center (CDC) in Cairo to cooperate on consulting and training projects throughout the Persian Gulf region.

      CDC is an executive training organization with which Fry Consultants already has partnered on a U.S. Agency for International Development project to assist with the privatization of Egypt’s public sector.

      Mark Towery, Fry’s managing director, told GlobalFax last week that the agreement grew out of their collaboration in Egypt.

      Egypt launched the widespread privatization of many public sector entities a few years ago, and Fry Consultants has prepared teaching modules dealing with management issues, company valuation and negotiating techniques.

      Managers and employees see privatization as a threat rather than as an opportunity, he said. What we have to do is sell them a better future for their children, and explain the compelling arguments for why privatization will help create this better future.

      Mr. Towery and partner Ian MacFarlane were in Cairo last month to advise on CDC programs about mergers and acquisitions and to assist Egyptian managers with company valuations and due diligence procedures.

      For more information, call (770) 226-8888; fax, (770) 226-8899.