International Security Consultants, Inc. (ISC) assists U.S. companies to take advantage of emerging opportunities in Russia and to cope with the personal and commercial risks involved.  Its founder and president, Charles Mittelstadt, will be visiting the Russian cities of Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow Oct. 5-13 to firm up two joint venture partnerships with similar firms in Russia in which he already is involved and to look for new business opportunities.

ISC’s services in Russia include executive protection, background research of individuals and corporations, secure warehousing and storage, international free trade zone arrangements, airport protection, and legal liaisons.

“Records are scarce and information on individuals and companies is limited and difficult to obtain in Russia,” said Mr. Mittelstadt.

Founded in 1989 with the closing of the Cold War, ISC has 12 in-house employees and offices near Hartsfield International Airport, in Sandy Springs, and in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  It also maintains affiliate relationships with some 60 other companies for special projects often including security audits for Fortune 500 corporations.

The company doesn’t provide guards or hardware, says Mr. Mittelstadt, “so we don’t profit directly and remain uninterested, unbiased third parties.”

On this upcoming visit to Russia, he will be joining two associates who during the past few weeks have been expanding the company’s contacts and laying the groundwork for new strategic alliances.

Mr. Mittelstadt may be reached by telephone at (404) 393-0030, fax (404) 393-1323 concerning his upcoming trip.