Atlanta-based GM Voices Inc., a digital audio production company providing recorded messages and other services for U.S. and multinational firms, is expanding its offerings of local dialects as its customers become increasingly global.

      More than 200 male and female voice talents in 34 languages and dialects may be auditioned by telephone or computer by calling GM Voices’ demonstration line 1 (800) 827-DEMO or referring to its web site at http:///

      Multinational clients such as Disney, MGM, CBS, Warner Brothers and others rely on GM Voices services such as translations for their on-hold programs, auto attendant voice mail newsletters and interactive response recordings.

      Included among the company’s services is the Global Voice Network, which links simultaneously audio recording sessions taking place around the world.  Through remote studio technology available via ISDN lines, the company’s language specialists coordinate the sessions from GM Voice studios here.

      As the major telephony manufacturers package their products for resale in countries throughout the world, they must upgrade the credibility of their voice processing products, Marcus Graham, GM Voices’ found and president, told GlobalFax.

      Take South Korea, for example, he added.  In the past, many companies failed to realize that Korean voice prompts recorded in New York did not have the local market sound required for credibility in Seoul.  Our Global Voice Network allows us to record remotely in Seoul using the top voice talents in South Korea.  This ultimately means a voice processing products that is accepted in their culture as their own.

      Mr. Graham, a former radio announcer and cable television salesman, launched the company in the early 1980s to improve the voice recordings of local companies.  He expanded the company’s foreign language offerings to meet the demands of his clients.

      Last month, the company announced that it was adapting its services to the Internet through an alliance with AdNet International providing audio ads for Yahoo! and Infoseek.  GM Voice customers now can advertise on the Internet using the company’s voice talent and translation services.  To hear one of the Internet ads, go to

      For more information, call Robert Holmes, marketing director, at (770) 752-4507; fax, (770) 752-4545.