Atlanta-based Naturally Elegant LLC has been granted exclusive rights from the Indian company Agrocel Industries Ltd. to market its mud products in North and South America for spa goers and over-the counter cosmetic buyers, said Craig Miller, founder and CEO of the company.

Mr. Miller told GlobalAtlanta last week that he first became familiar with the health properties of mud while participating in a program at Harvard University for CEOs of small- to medium-sized companies in 2003. During the program, he learned of Agrocel’s health products.

Agrocel is a large salt and marine chemical firm that provides financing and other services to farmers in the Kutch region, which has a large salt desert similar to that surrounding the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Although he holds exclusive rights to sell Agrocel Industries’ mud, sea salts, mineral water and oils in the North and South America, Naturally Elegant will compete against similar products from the Dead Sea, which already have been exported to the U.S. for 50 years.

He said that he is interviewing major distributors that could provide access to both the spa and cosmetic industry on the East and West Coast, which handles 75 percent of the market. He also plans to hire manufacturing representatives to handle the Midwest.

He said that he plans to visit in India’s Rann Kutch salt desert in July where the products are mined. While in India, he plans to focus on product labeling and packaging for the U.S. market.

For more information, contact Mr. Miller at (678) 579-9191.