Companies, especially small- to medium-sized firms, operating in remote areas of the world are not apt to have adequate medical support and emergency response capabilities, according to J. David Clyde, CEO and principal consultant for an Atlanta-based international medical consulting firm he started last year.

“You can compare the situation for these companies in remote locations to childbirth,” Dr. Clyde said during an interview with GlobalFax. “When everything goes normally there is happiness, but when a problem does happen, good planning and preparation may prevent a disaster.”

Dr. Clyde founded his firm Spinnaker Medical Consultants International last June to provide medical advice and support to help business travelers and expatriate workers prepare for international assignments and to provide international medical resource evaluations for client companies.

Prior to launching his firm, he had extensive international experience working with large multinational oil companies. He was medical director for ARCO International Oil and Gas Co. and for ARCO Exploration and Production Technology since 1993. He also spent from 1988-1993 as a regional medical director for Conoco Inc. with responsibility for several international locations and the southern U.S.

          He said that during his career he has worked to develop cost effective, quality medical care in remote locations of some 30 countries. He added that Spinnaker already has completed a project for a company operating in Kazakhstan and is assisting a foundation prepare to become involved in an African health care initiative.

Dr. Clyde also is the international health consultant for

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