The Atlanta-based consulting firm Intercontinental Business Services (IBS) has signed a contract to market the Hauts-de-Seine municipality, located directly west of and adjacent to Paris, to U.S. companies looking to establish a European presence.

“The region inside the Hauts-de-Seine known as Paris-la-Defense is often referred to as the “Manhattan of Europe” and stands to provide tremendous benefits to U.S. companies that locate there,” John Lyons, IBS president and CEO, told GlobalFax in an interview last week.

The Paris-la-Defense business district, the largest on the European continent, is already home to more than 6,250 French and international companies, including U.S. multinationals American Express, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, General Electric and Palmolive.

IBS will serve as the U.S. consulting and networking agent for the Hauts-de-Seine municipality, contacting CEOs of U.S. companies along the East Coast and in the Midwest to inform them of the benefits associated with a presence in the Paris-la-Defense area, said Mr. Lyons.

The role is not unfamiliar to the company, which worked in the same capacity for the Ile de la Cité department of Paris. 

Business benefits include the knowledge and expertise of already-established U.S. firms in the area, and easy access to and correspondence with many of the French and European firms based out of Paris-la-Defense, asserted Mr. Lyons. 

IBS will also sponsor a trade mission for medical industry executives from the Hauts-de-Seine area later this year, and encourages Atlanta-based medical supply and pharmaceutical companies interested in meeting with the delegation to make contact.

For more information about the medical industry delegation or general business opportunities and benefits in the Hauts-de-Seine, contact Mr. Lyons at (770) 953-6800.