Atlanta-based International Talent Bank LLC (ITB) is bringing six Ukrainian information technology (IT) professionals here Aug. 28 to interview for IT positions in metro-area firms.

          ITB was formed last year by Atlanta businessmen Mikhail Nudelman and Mark Bain to provide companies in the greater Atlanta area with IT professionals from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

          This pilot program will match highly-skilled employees with Atlanta companies on contract bases, filling a need for high-tech workers here and giving the Ukrainians an opportunity to use their extensive educational backgrounds and work experience from Kiev, Tracy Bumpus, director of talent and market development for ITB, told GlobalFax.

          “There is so much talent in parts of the former Soviet bloc that is going to waste because the job opportunities are just not there,” she said.

          The average employee recruited from the former Soviet Union by ITB has a six-year degree in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics or physics and has a minimum of three years experience in a commercial environment, she noted. All of the candidates speak English and have gone through a cultural assimilation program to be ready to work for a U.S. company, she added.

          ITB co-founder Mr. Nudelman is a Ukraine-born naturalized U.S. citizen with a background in international relations. Co-founder Mr. Bain has been in the contract staffing business.

          To interview the Ukrainian IT professionals, contact Ms. Bumpus at (404) 237-1008. Visit