Georgia peanut hulls are an essential component of an organic fertilizer that has been popular for years with Home Depot customers and now is catching on in Africa.

      Last year Organic Fertilizer Supply Co., a Powder Springs-based distributor of the amonianitrate fertilizer, shipped to Tanzania more than 2,200 tons of the product.

      The company now has an exclusive contract with the manufacturer Exceptional Products, headquartered in Peachtree City, for all of Africa as well as orders amounting to some 22,640 tons to be delivered there in the next two years.

      Hombe Kaduma, president of Tanzania Investments Inc., recounted for GlobalFax last week in a telephone interview from her office in Duluth, how the product has gained acceptance in Tanzania.  Later in the week, she flew to Tanzania, which she will visit in addition to surrounding countries for a month before returning here.

      Ms. Kaduma, who is originally from Tanzania but has lived in Atlanta since 1990, explained that she encouraged Morris Christian, the president of Organic Fertilizer, to help her open African markets.

      She marveled how well received the fertilizer became once the Africans saw its success in helping crops such as corn, sugar cane and tea.

      The fertilizer is manufactured in Plains and is composed of biosolid wastes and peanut hulls.  It is a popular product here among landscape gardeners as well as homeowners.

      Ms. Kaduma may be reached by calling (770) 925-0109; fax, (770) 717-8080, or send an e-mail to