Market Access International (MAI), an Atlanta-based international consulting firm, is organizing a matchmaking event in the Washington, D.C, area on Tuesday, Dec. 14, bringing together a high-level delegation of Taiwan government and business representatives and U.S. suppliers of E-commerce technology.

The Taiwanese representatives are seeking American technology in E-Commerce security infrastructure, Diane Alleva-Caceres, MAI’s managing director, told GlobalFax in a telephone interview last week. MAI is one of four companies organizing the event sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (TDA).

Ms. Alleva-Caceres said that the recent hacking of government and business Web sites has inhibited the growth of E-commerce in Taiwan and that underdeveloped security systems for electronic payments are creating bottlenecks for Taiwan’s businesses.

The delegation, to be headed by Shieh-Chien Yang, the minister responsible for technology issues in the Executive Yuan, or cabinet, will meet with U.S. providers of electronic payment, payment clearance, payment security, digital certification and certificate authority systems, firewall and anti-hacker technologies.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance, the Bureau of Monetary Affairs, and the Directorate General of Postal Remittances & Savings Banks are among the organizations that will be represented.

The cost is $50 to attend the matchmaking event. To register, go to  Ms. Alleva-Caceres may be reached by E-mail at or call (770) 434-7756 or fax, (770) 435-6627.