Atlanta-based CityNet Wireless Inc. has announced it will build the first large-scale wireless Internet platform in Brazil in partnership with PhoneBrasil International Inc.

The new system will give users the ability to connect their computers, laptops, voice over Internet protocol networking devices and hybrid cellular communication interfaces anywhere in the Wi-Fi region.

The two-year project, which will cost an estimated $1.2 billion to implement, will consist of a Wi-Fi network that will cover most major cities and states in Brazil.

CityNet is to be responsible for creating the wireless system and towers, while PhoneBrazil will handle the administrative work for implementation.

CityNet, which has sales offices worldwide, has provided 1,000 square miles of coverage in 35 cities in the United States.

PhoneBrasil is a U.S.-based company specializing in hybrid VoIP, cellular, broadband and Wi-Fi technology in Latin America.

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