Atlanta-based Air2Web Inc. is soon to open an office in Tokyo to sell its wireless application platform that facilitates Internet communication among various hand-held Web devices, according to Tyler Magruder, vice president of international business development at Air2Web.

Although the Japanese economy is in recession, Air2Web welcomes this situation, Mr. Magruder told GlobalFax during the 7th Annual Georgia Tech GlobalForum, “Succeeding in Japan’s New Economy,” held at the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (GCATT) on March 14.

The downturn in the valuation of Internet firms has “knocked out so many of our competitors that Air2Web is better able to secure its success in the Japanese market,” he said.

Air2Web’s business is expanding more rapidly in Europe than in Asia at the moment, according to Mr. Magruder, but Japan’s large number of IT users, heavy mobile traffic and advanced wireless markets make it an attractive location for the company. China is also attractive, having more subscribers than in Japan, but Japanese customers account for $2.3 billion in Air2Web’s revenue per year compared to China’s $2 million.

The company began in 1999 at the Advanced Technology Development Center’s (ATDC) small business incubator facilities at GCATT and has since grown into a multi-billion-dollar company with new offices in Amsterdam and Chennai, India.

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