The Georgia Council for International Visitors (GCIV), which belongs to a network of 100 non-profit volunteer organizations in the U-S, that support the international visitor program of the U.S. lnformation Agency, is spearheading a local lobbying campaign to protect the visitor program from pending budget cuts.

Atlanta attorney James C. Nobles, Jr., chairman of the GCIV’s governmental affairs committee, is promoting a letter writing campaign to Congressional and other government contacts.

Congress is reviewing the U.S. foreign aid budget, which funds the program, and is considering reducing foreign aid by 31% over the next five years, said Mr. Nobles.

The visitor program brings 5,000 foreign leaders in business, government and education to the U.S. annually to study, meet counterparts and establish links.

For more information, call Mr. Nobles at (404) 875-3600, or Anne Hansen, GCIV’s executive director in Atlanta at (404) 873-6170.