Jan and Paul Baan of Holland’s Baan Co., and Dutch technology investment company Vanendburg Ventures B.V., have invested more than $30 million in Atlanta-based ClickChoice.com, a new Internet company specializing in content management.

ClickChoice began as McLellan Software Center, a company founded by Tony McLellan, now ClickChoice CEO, in 1995. The company developed security technology at the Advanced Technology Development Center, a hi-tech incubator on the Georgia Tech campus.     

The Baan brothers, whose enterprise applications software company posted $700 million in revenues in 1997, last year established the Baan Foundation, an organization that donates funds and provides expertise to start-up information and communications technology businesses.

ClickChoice.com will offer free software over the Internet in exchange for demographic information such as one’s zip code and household income.

The first product, to be available by the end of this year, is called myFilter, which will allow parents to filter out Web sites inappropriate to children.   

You can reach ClickChoice.com by telephone at (404) 995-1716, or visit www.clickchoice.com