The Atlanta International School is reaching out to business leaders in the city’s Asian communities in the hopes of attracting more students with Asian backgrounds, in particular those from India and China, to their primary and secondary programs, said Norma Alhadeff, the school’s director of communications. 

Interested parties were encouraged to attend Worldfest, the school’s celebration of traditional foods and culture, Sunday, Oct. 27, from 12 until 5 p.m.

The International School has also begun offering Mandarin Chinese classes in its secondary school in addition to the French, German and Spanish language courses already taught, Ms. Alhadeff told GlobalFax

Cultural traditions also play a major role in the International School’s strategy to educate globally minded students, she stressed.  Students, for example, were encouraged to wear their country’s national dress, Oct. 25, as part of the school’s United Nations Day celebration.

More than 60 nationalities are represented at the school, she added.  Of those, approximately 30% of the student body have two American parents, another 20% have one international and one American parent and the remaining 50% have two international parents.

For additional information, contact the school at (404) 841-3840 or visit