Atlanta angel investor Tom McMurrain has teamed up with Claes Nobel, grandnephew of Alfred Nobel who founded the Nobel  Prize, to create an educational website, (GET), in seven languages to “make Americans more global,” Mr. McMurrain told GlobalFax.

Last week, (GET), announced that Donald Ratajczak, 27-year director of the Georgia State University Economic Forecasting Center who retired June 30, joined GET’s international advisory board. GET provides on-line education and entertainment for K-12 students, teachers and parents, and will also provide corporate training. Genuine Parts Co. has already pledged $500 per employee for employees to enroll in GET’s tutorials once the program is launched, said Mr. McMurrain.

GET is a new addition to Mr. McMurrain’s Consolidated Funding Group, a holding company that provides seed funding for Atlanta start-ups. He also owns eight Atlanta-based companies, including his main revenue-generating venture, Emergency One Holding Corp., that offers loan assistance to otherwise ineligible borrowers. Mr. McMurrain, 32-year-old vice-chairman of GET, has been in financial services in Atlanta for 11 years.

Revenues for GET will come from corporate sponsors, Mr. McMurrain said in a telephone interview, but the company does not yet have any local sponsors because GET needs to “get kids signed up first and then once we begin generating a lot of [website] hits we can legitimately ask for corporate sponsorship.”

      Mr. McMurrain’s goal of providing Atlanta children and companies with quality education coincided with those of Mr. Nobel, now chairman of the Globaletutor board. He heads an environmental leadership foundation in Washington, D.C., United Earth, that recognizes individuals for their contributions to environmental and humanitarian causes, and he told GlobalFax in an interview that heralds the same “international humanitarian values.”

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