During the past two years in Russia, Dwight Stagner completed his metamorphosis from social science teacher to entrepreneur.  Now that he has rejoined his wife and children  back home in Douglasville, he is looking for a position in a local company that will put to use the knowledge that he gained overseas and enable him to return on occasion.

His resumÈ cites “proven, strong, innovative managerial ability with international experience and understanding,” but that hardly tells it all.

Mr. Stagner used his skills as a former American history and English instructor to build a company  in Moscow which by the time he sold it to his Russian assistant had a staff of 22 instructors, translators, administrative support personnel and drivers. 

The company, American Business Training, provided courses for employees of both Russian firms and Western multinationals on U.S. business practices.  During his last six months in Moscow, Mr. Stagner was director of human resources of RosInter, a restaurant company with 2,300 employees.

Mr. Stagner encourages local companies to investigate what he considers many emerging business opportunities in Russia, and not to be deterred by negative press reports of the conditions there.  He may be reached by calling (404) 942-8586.