Some $15 billion in private equity funds are poised to be invested in Brazil now that the prospects for its economic development are so positive, according to Jim Libby, a partner in the Atlanta-based CPA and business advisory firm of Williams Benator & Libby.

      Mr. Libby spent Jan. 13-20 experiencing first hand the possibilities for further development in the state of Parana, which is located 250 miles southwest of Sao Paolo.

      He learned of the $15 billion figure during a conference put on by the Brazilian member of Russell Bedford International, a network of independent accounting firms providing worldwide financial services combined with local market knowledge.  Mr. Libby’s firm also is a member of the network.

      There are many opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships, he told GlobalFax during a telephone interview upon his return.

      The conference was held in the city of Curitiba, which has a population of 2 1/2 million people and is one of five major industrial centers in the country.  It drew members of the Russell Bedford network from both Europe and North America.

      He also said that automobile plants for BMW, Volvo and Chrysler are being developed outside of Curitiba’s city limits in efforts to spur the city’s growth without destroying its quality of life.

      They aren’t going to let happen there what happened to Sao Paolo, he said, which was considered by many of the local development experts as suffering from chaotic, unplanned growth.

      Representatives of Georgia companies interested in learning more about the investment opportunities in the area, should call Mr. Libby at (770) 512-0500, fax, (770) 512-0200.