Atlanta businesses and organizations interested in learning more about the Dominican Republic and opportunities for investment, trade or other types of exchange can accompany a group led by Victor Ramirez, chairman of the Atlanta-Salcedo Sister Cities Committee in Atlanta on a trip there, Nov. 24-27.

The trip’s motive is primarily to take a group of architects from Guerra-Stoll Barker Architects and Williams, Russell & Johnson Architects in Atlanta to the province of Salcedo, Dominican Republic to visit a children’s park they designed and funded called Atlanta-Salcedo Park, Mr. Ramirez told GlobalFax. But anyone interested in developing commercial relations with the Dominican Republic is invited to attend, he said.

Mr. Ramirez is assistant director of the Interactive College of Technology (ICT), a local technology institute that offers associates degrees, diplomas and continuing education in computer and electronics technology, as well as intensive English as a second language courses.

To attend the Atlanta-Salcedo Sister Cities trip, contact Mr. Ramirez at (404) 525-7787 or for information on ICT/ILS, see or call (770) 216-2960. To see the full story, go to