Atlanta businessmen Charles Murdock and Terence Bell met with high-ranking Ukraine officials July 9-10 in Washington, D.C., to learn more about the prospects for economic reform in their country.  The Ukrainian officials were in the U.S. in preparation of Vice President Albert Gore’s visit there July 22-23.

      Mr. Murdock, president of Worldwide Bulk Transportation Inc. and a member of the Ukraine-U.S. Business Council, and Mr. Bell, president of The Treasure Group, a marketing firm, both have long-term associations with Ukraine.

      Mr. Murdock first visited Ukraine in 1984 when he worked for Fort Lauderdale-based Hvide Marine Inc., in support of Occidental Petroleum’s agricultural division.  The project, conceived and implemented by noted businessman and Occidental CEO, the late Armand Hammer, was part of a 20-year contract to provide and deliver more than $300 million dollars per year of liquid fertilizer from Jacksonville, Fla., to Odessa, Ukraine.  Mr. Murdock maintains a residence in Ukraine.

      Mr. Bell has been involved in several economic development projects on behalf of both private industry and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

      While in Washington, they also met with Richard Morningstar, U.S. ambassador-at-large, who is overseeing the U.S. multi-agency assistance programs to Ukraine, which is the fourth largest recipient of U.S. aid in the world.

      The Ukraine-U.S. Business Council sponsored meetings were held at the Metropolitan Club and were chaired by Kempton Jenkins, the council’s president.

      Both Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Bell told GlobalFax in telephone interviews that they consider economic reform, particularly tax reforms, as fundamental for the successful development of the country.

      For more information, Mr. Murdoch may be reached by calling (770) 455-3866; fax, (770) 458-8283.  To reach Mr. Bell, call (770) 518-4870; fax, (770) 518-4110.